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Vacation Homes and Included Equipment

There are several things that come with renting luxury vacation homes at Brentwood Estate, but one of the most popular items are the golf carts. When you pass through the gates at Brentwood, park your car/truck and hide the keys because “Golf Carts Rule the Roads”. Unless you are going to leave the property we prefer you use the golf carts as your primary mode of motorized transportation. You are also going to want to walk to many places on the property. It is safer not to mix your gas-guzzlers with pedestrian and golf cart traffic. The rental homes each get two or more golf carts and the apartment gets one cart. Like almost everything else here, there is no extra charge for the carts.

Resorts In Northern Minnesota

Being one of the many fantastic resorts in northern Minnesota, Brentwood Estate prides itself on making luxury items a necessary part of the experience. Just when you think something might be incredible at first glance, it quickly becomes a ‘how did I vacation without this?’ experience. The golf carts are one of the many things you’ll grow to need while on your next vacation or retreat.