Walking & Hiking Paths

Brentwood’s 45+ acres are filled with places to explore.  Some of the many paths cut across lush green lawns near Mary Hill and St Francis.  The annual and perenial flowers in this area are breath-taking.  Sit in the crescent-shaped pergola and take in a panoramic view of the beach, docks and lake area.  Listen to the gentle sound of the waterfalls splashing over the limestone rock structures into pools of spring water.

Venture a little farther from the homes and suites to find intricately brick-paved paths cutting through the woods taking you to private gazebos where you can pretend you’re the only person on the property.  The tranquility of these paths are absolutely amazing.  Walking, biking or jogging are great ways to explore these trails.

Still other gravel paths take our guests even further into the forest.  The Children’s School House and Stations Of The Cross are two amenities that are deeper into the woods.  The property may only be 45 acres, but with this diversity of hiking paths you’ll feel like you are on a thousand acre preserve.