The Rosary Path


The original owners of Brentwood are a very spiritual family that took great care incorporating their faith into almost every part of the property.  The detail that went into planning and building the Rosary Path just north of Mary Hill, St Francis and St Therese is truly remarkable.  The plants and flowers that line this incredible path add to it’s wonderful charm.  Each of the stained glass inlays in the path represents a bead of the Rosary.

The word Rosary means “Crown of Roses”. Our Lady has revealed to several people that each time they say a Hail Mary they are giving her a beautiful rose and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses. The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions and it is therefore the most important one in the Catholic faith.

The Mysteries of the Rosary center on the events of Christ’s life. There are four sets of Mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and the Luminous.  The repetition in the Rosary is meant to lead one into restful and contemplative prayer related to each Mystery. The gentle repetition of the words helps us to enter into the silence of our hearts, where Christ’s spirit dwells. The Rosary can be said privately or with a group.