15 Seat Movie Theatre

Our 15 seat movie theater on the lower level of Mary Hill makes some in-town cinemas jealous.  The video and audio equipment are fantastic.  Watch your favorite TV show, sporting event, or movie.  You are sure to find something you haven’t already seen in our extensive collection of over 500 DVD and Blu-Ray movies.  If the kids are sunburned this is the perfect way to give them a break – afternoon matinee.  When we do have a rainy day we will have a private pool party at the Mary Hill indoor swimming pool and of course you will be able to wander down the hall to the billiards room or movie theater.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by a 19+ year old adult in the theater at all times. Sorry night owls – we need to get some sleep so the lower level of Mary Hill (including the movie theater) is only open 9:30am-10:00pm.  But you do have LED TV’s in your house and we would be glad to let you borrow a movie for the night.