Brentwood Questions & Answers

Q: What is your pet policy?
A: Pets of any kind are not allowed at Brentwood Estate, regardless of size. This rule is for the comfort of all our guests, including those with pet allergies.

Q: What is your smoking policy?
A: Smoking is not permitted in any inside spaces or outside shared amenities where guests are in close proximity to one another. Outside smoking only in open areas.  There are lots of dry twigs and leaves underneath the lush trees so don’t throw cigarette butts out in the forest.  Please dispose of butts in an appropriate place to keep the forest and grounds from being littered. Thank you!

Q: When are you open?
A: We are open approximately 125 days per year from late-May to the end of September. Indoor shared amenities at Mary Hill are available at all times during our open season.  The swimming pool and hot tub will be closed in late September.

Q: Do you sell fishing licenses at Brentwood?
A: No, we do not sell fishing licenses at Brentwood Estate and we encourage everyone to purchase them prior to your arrival. Both Brandon and Garfield have stores and gas stations where they can be purchased. You can also purchase them online from the Minnesota DNR website at home and print them off ahead of time.

Q: Do you sell bait and tackle at Brentwood?
A: No, we do not sell bait and tackle at Brentwood Estate.  Brandon has a bait shop where they can be purchased.

Q: Are all your rental units air conditioned?
A: Yes, all our units have central air conditioning.

Q: What do you provide in the houses?
A: Our freshly cleaned, comfortably furnished, and air conditioned vacation homes come equipped with flat panel TVs and DVD players.  The kitchens have refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink, and cabinets. Kitchen is equipped with a full set of dishes, glasses, silverware, toaster, cooking utensils, coffee pot, and many other small appliances. If there are very specific cooking utensils or small appliances that you need or want, we suggest bringing them. All kitchen & bath towels, bed linens, pillows, and extra blankets are furnished.

Q: Do I need to bring my own towels?
A: The only towels that you need to bring are beach towels.

Q: Can I bring my own firewood to your resort?
A: There is no need for you to bring firewood to Brentwood.  We provide an ample supply of free firewood for all our on-site fire pits.

Q: Can I bring fireworks to Brentwood Estate?
A: No fireworks of any kind are allowed at Brentwood. Not even smokebombs or sparklers. This is a requirement of our insurance company and a reasonable policy for everyone’s safety.  There are lots of dry twigs and leaves underneath the lush trees.

Q: Do I need to bring toilet paper?
A: No, we provide the septic-friendly toilet paper in all our homes and suites.

Q: Is there a charge for day visitors?
A: We really, really discourage day visitors at Brentwood.  When all our homes, suites, and apartments are at capacity there are 38 guests on the property.  Minnesota State Law sectons 327.10 to 327.13 requires everyone that stays at Brentwood to be registered.  Our registered guests choose Brentwood over other vacation destinations to enjoy all of it’s shared amenities without feeling crowded.  To invite extra people to use the indoor pool, theater room, beach lounge chairs, tennis court, paddle boats, ect., ect. is not fair to the other guests sharing Brentwood with you for the week.  Please contact us if you have an unusual situation and we may consider your request.

Q: What time is check-in and check-out?
A: Our check-in time is 4pm on the day of arrival. Our check-out time is 10am on the day of departure. The entire six hours is needed to prepare our rental units properly for the next guests. We ask that you please respect our request and not arrive early or leave late.

Q: Does every house and suite have a firepit?
A: Yes, each house and apartment has it’s own fire pit.

Q: Do the rental units have BBQ grills?
A: Each house has it’s own gas grill with propane included. The St. Joachim apartment has a charcoal grill. Please provide your own charcoal and lighter fluid.

Q: What is the deposit policy?
A: 50% of the base lodging total is the required deposit to officially reserve a rental unit. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Please see the “Rules & Policies” section under “About” on our website for our cancellation policy. It is too long to repeat here.

Q: Do you have Wifi Internet Service?
A: Yes, we have free Wifi at each of our houses and apartments.  There is limited Wifi access at some of our outdoor shared amenities.

Q: Will my cell phone get service at Brentwood?
A: If you have Verizon you will have good service.  ATT gets limited service.  If you have Sprint you will not have service other than roaming.  We are not sure about the coverage for other carriers.  As we learn more we will update this information.

Q: Do you have laundry facilities?
A: Yes, each house has a full-size washer and dryer for their exclusive use.  The apartment has use of a full-sized set in the indoor pool area at Mary Hill.

Q: How far is it to nearby towns?
A: It is about a 5 minute drive to Garfield, 8 minutes to Brandon, and 15 minutes to Alexandria.

Q: Where is the nearest grocery store?
A: There are convenience stores in both Garfield and Brandon.  Brandon also has a small grocery store.  Alexandria has larger grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Q: What type of fish are in Big Chippewa Lake?
A: Big Chip is a really good fishing lake.  There are walleye, northern pike, black crappie, sun fish and bass.

Q: What is your noise policy?
A: The fact that many of our rental units are spaced quite a ways apart helps to minimize noise problems.  That being said, our quiet time is 11pm to 8am and is strictly enforced. We want everyone to have fun, but we also expect courtesy to the other guests. Loud or obnoxious language will also not be tolerated at any time of the day.  Please remember this is a family vacation destination. If you have a group (destination wedding, etc) that rents the entire Estate, you can party and make noise all night long since we have no close neighbors.

Q: Can I bring my own boat or jet skis to Brentwood?
A: Yes, the only public access on Big Chip is conveniently right next to Brentwood. Depending on how many boats we have each week, we may or may not have dock space for you. There is ample space to park boat trailers near St. Francis, St. Michael or up by our maintenance shop.

Q: Can I bring a tent to put up by my rental unit at Brentwood?
A: No, tents are not allowed.

Q: Can I have my same reservation dates next year?
A: We have an open calendar that allows guests to book their vacations up to 24 months in advance so the same week next year may already be booked.  We encourage you to book early to reserve your week.